PHA 2017 Capitol Caucus

Population Health Alliance Capitol Caucus

The PHA Board of Directors gathered in Washington, D.C. on October 19th to set the strategic agenda for 2018 and kick-off another successful event – PHA Capital Caucus 2017 – attended by its esteemed members and partners.

PHA Board Chair Rose Maljanian, Chairman & CEO – HealthCAWS, Inc, PHA Secretary Sean McManamy Sr. Vice President, Strategy & Product – HealthFitness, PHA Treasurer John Griffin, JD, Chief Operating Officer – EB Employee Solutions, PHA Director at Large Sandeep Wadhwa, MD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Care & Delivery Management – Noridian Healthcare Solutions, PHA Chair, Quality & Research Mary Jane Osmick, MD, Vice President and Medical Director – American Specialty Health, PHA Director Christopher Long, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – AxisPoint Health, PHA Director Jim Pshock, Founder, CEO and President – Bravo Wellness, Director Helene Forte, Vice President, Public Plans Emerging Markets – Tufts Health Plan, PHA Director John Sory, Chief Executive – UHealth Regional Alliance, University of Miami.

The Population Health Alliance Capitol Caucus drew executives across this multistakeholder industry to address policy issues and implications for the PHA membership. Attendees heard keynote presentations from Anne-Marie Polak, Senior Director Leavitt Partners, on President Trump’s Executive Order on healthcare reform and Congresswoman Allyson Y Schwartz, President and CEO, Better Medicare Alliance, on transforming Medicare for America’s Seniors.

Anne Marie PolackAnne Marie Polak, Senior Director, Leavitt Partners, discusses implications of President Trump’s Executive order CRS’s and the Alexander- Murray bill- all intended to drive bipartisan support to move forward.

robert homeRobert Horne, Senior Director, Leavitt Partners, highlights the great progress being made in Medicaid policy to include coverage and more control at State level.

Rose MaljanianBoard Chair Rose Maljanian leads off with 20 year history of PHA advances in the industry while highlighted PHA’s current broad umbrella and stakeholder group influencing advances in Value-based Care, Medicare, Medicaid, Employee Health and Technology Solution Innovation.

Congresswoman Allyson SchwartzCongresswoman Schwartz, President & CEO, Better Medicare Alliance, highlights programs in Medicare Advantage leading to improved experience of care for older Americans and cost savings.

Rose Maljanian and Congresswoman Allyson SchwartzPHA Chair Rose Maljanian and Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz.

robert homeMatt Salo, Executive Director, National Association of Medicaid Directors, discusses challenges for Medicaid Directors to serve a growing number of vulnerable individuals.

In Memory of Donald W. Fisher,PhD, CAE
Romilla, John and Gordan

Rose Maljanian Board Chair honors former PHA Board member Donald Fisher who served AMGA and a leader in the Value Based Care movement as esteemed panelist Romilla, John and Gordan take the stage. Dr. Romilla Batra, CMO, SCAN Health Plan, shared strategies deployed by SCAN Health Plan to meet members where they are. John Cuddeback, MD, PhD, CMO of AMGA, emphasized use of data analytics to understand the population served and triage individuals to the best program and Neil Gordon, MD, Founder and CEO, INTERVENT International, shared numerous examples of large scale multisite initiatives producing improved outcomes today.

Dr. Ray Fabius, Principal, AB3 Health, moderated a panel on Prevention and Wellness including and overview from Brenda Schmitt on incentives in the workplace, Kathryn Wilbur, Senior Counsel, Health Policy, American Benefits Council, shared perspectives on employer sponsored benefits and the need to maintain affordable as employers are focused on both advancing health and productivity, and James A. Paretti, Jr., Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to Acting Chair Victoria A. Lipnic, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discussed the challenges and successes for EEOC to balance advocacy for employee rights while supporting initiatives that advance the industry.

Elizabeth Carter, PhD, MPH, Senior Advisor Health Services Research, AARP, shared insights on intersection of public health and population health and key social determinants of health. Inaddition Elizabeth shared AARP’s Living Index tool so participants can look upan zip code and see ratings on number of social determinants for the area.

Gary Jacobs, Managing Partner, Circumference Consulting LLC,a industry veteran in home care innovation, shared his perspectives on interventions that work to maintain and improve health in the home environment and those that can be deployed to avoid unnecessary and costly acute care services.

The day concluded with Chair Rose Maljanian providing a recap of the broad umbrella of population health covered throughout the day and commented that it is because of PHA’s multi-stakeholder membership committed to serving consumers across all segments that significant advancements in health and making health care more affordable have been achieved and were shared today.

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The agenda included the following:

Welcome Address – Left, Right or Middle: Staying Focused on the Priority of Improving Population Health

Rose Maljanian

Rose Maljanian, HealthCAWS, Chairman and CEO Population Health Alliance Board Chair

Keynote – Implications of President Trump’s Executive Order on HealthCare Reform

Anne Marie Polak

Anne Marie Polak, Senior Director Leavitt Partners

How Population Health Accelerates the Shift to Value-Based Care

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is underway in transitioning the health care system from pay-for-volume to pay-for-value. Though, where are we on this journey and how do population health management strategies play a vital role?


Romilla Batra

Dr. Romilla Batra, SCAN Health Plan, Chief Medical Officer (Moderator)

John Cuddeback

John Cuddeback, MD, PhD Chief Medical Informatics Officer, AMGA

Neil Gordon

Dr. Neil Gordan, INTERVENT International, Founder and CEO

Luncheon Keynote Discussion – Medicaid Headwinds and Opportunities 2018-2020

Medicaid reform has been the subject of much debate in 2017, with most of the focus being on the need to reduce the rate of growth in the program. How can population health and wellness programs help rein in spending and improve quality for Medicaid beneficiaries and state budgets.


Matt Salo

Matt Salo, National Association of Medicaid Directors, Executive Director

Clay Alspach

Clay Alspach, Principal, Leavitt Partners, Founder

Addressing Social Determinants of Health – What Works

We all know that there are real social determinants of health that will impact patient outcomes and abilities to adhere to treatment recommendations. What role can population health programs play in helping to identify social determinants of health and improve the way quality programs are adjusted for the complexities they bring to the system?


Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter, PhD, MPH Senior Advisor Health Services Research AARP

Gary Jacobs

Gary Jacobs, Managing Partner Circumference Consulting LLC

Prevention and Wellness Programs – Innovation Update and Policy Considerations

Many employers and other health care stakeholders recognize the value of prevention and wellness programs using a variety of intervention strategies to lower costs and improve health, wellbeing, and productivity. The landscape of legal and regulatory requirements surrounding these programs is complex. How are access and incentives changing to drive consumer engagement, and how is regulation changing?


Ray Fabius

Dr. Ray Fabius, AB3 Health, Principal (Moderator)

James A. Paretti, Jr., Chief of Staff & Senior Counsel to Acting Chair Victoria A. Lipnic, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Kathryn Wilbur

Kathryn Wilbur, Senior Counsel, Health Policy, American Benefits Council

Brenda Schmidt

Brenda Schmidt, Solera Health, Founder and CEO