Population Health Alliance Government Affairs Committee

The Population Health Alliance Government Affairs Committee is a member’s only forum that meets monthly to discuss key priority policy and advocacy issues. As part of the agenda, Leavitt Partners provides an up to the minute policy briefing to include the status of proposed legislation, interpretation and implementation of existing law and WH Administration appointees and policy views.

There is much work in between meetings by committee taskforces. As new matters are brought before the PHA GA Committee, the following policy statement and principles are applied:

PHA GA Principles

The Population Health Alliance educates key stakeholders and policy makers, and advocates for and contributes to shaping policies that prioritize the health and wellbeing of populations through:

  • Reducing barriers to high-value workplace health and wellness benefits and programs for employees;
  • Ensuring that all individuals have stable access to affordable choices in selecting their health benefits;
  • Encouraging community-based efforts and support of programs that address medical and social determinants to promote health and wellbeing in vulnerable populations;
  • Supporting individuals’ active engagement with their care teams and limiting non-care related burdens and distractions for both patients and providers;
  • Emphasizing research and quality in the delivery of health and wellness benefits and programs to individuals;
  • Continuously introducing innovative solutions to create positive experiences and outcomes for all individuals.

These principles are uniformly applied to well represent our multi-stakeholder association membership in setting priorities, establishing educational programming, and commenting on proposed rules making and other public policy initiatives.

0-5 Helene Forte, GA Chair