The Population Health Alliance seeks to improve the health of populations through three key areas: advocacy, research and education. Specifically, PHA Quality & Research supports this mission by:

  • Promoting high quality standards for and definitions of key components of wellness, disease and, where appropriate, case management, and care coordination programs as well as support services and materials.
  • Identifying, researching, sharing and encouraging innovative approaches and best practices care delivery and reimbursement models
  • Establishing consensus-based outcomes measures and demonstrating health, satisfaction, and financial improvements achieved through wellness, disease and case management, and care coordination programs.

PHA Framework

A population health management program strives to address health needs at all points along the continuum of health and well-being through participation of, engagement with and targeted interventions for the population.

Current Initiatives

The Population Health Alliance has a 20 year tradition of contribution to best practices and outcome guidelines. Over the past year PHA Quality and Research Committee has launched efforts on three major initiatives.