Listed below are the categories of PHA membership and corresponding annual dues. Dues are based on the joining organization’s total revenue for the previous fiscal year.

Health Care Organizations

Health Care Organization Application

  • Health Plan/Insurance organizations</strong – for profit or national non-profit)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Device Manufacturers
  • Population Health Management Suppliers — Organizations that provide wellness, disease or care management or population health services or education to patients, either directly or via telehealth applications.
  • Population Health Management Support Organizations — Organizations that provide support services including health information technology, remote patient monitoring, electronic medical or personal health record systems, predictive modeling and other analytical services.
< $1 million $1,000
$1 million to < $5 million $2,500
$5 million to < $25 million $5,000
$25 million to < $100 million $10,000
Greater than $100 million $20,000

Partner Organizations – $3,000

Partner Organization Application

  • Purchasers and Investment Firms – Companies that typically purchase population health management programs such as Employers**, Union groups, TPAs or those that invest in Population Health Management companies such as Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors, Investment Banks
  • Provider Groups — Includes organizations such as integrated delivery networks, patient centered medical homes Accountable Care Organizations, health systems (hospitals), IPAs and medical group practices
  • Other Non-Profits — Regional non-profit health plans, non-profit association and quality organizations, and community organizations

** Non health care related employers only

Tiered dues are assessed at the greater of annual revenue of the parent company, the population health management company, or health plan.