Listed below are the categories of PHA membership and corresponding annual dues. Dues are based on the joining organization’s total revenue for the previous fiscal year.

< $1 million $1,000
$1 million to < $5 million $2,500
$5 million to < $25 million 5,000
$25 million to < $100 million 10,000
Greater than $100 million 20,000

Healthcare Organizations

  • Health Plan/Insurance organizations</strong – for profit or national non-profit)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and Device Manufacturers
  • Population Health Management Suppliers — Organizations that provide wellness, disease or care management or population health services or education to patients, either directly or via telehealth applications.
  • Population Health Management Support Organizations — Organizations that provide support services including health information technology, remote patient monitoring, electronic medical or personal health record systems, predictive modeling and other analytical services.

Partner Organizations – $3,000

  • Purchasers and Investment Firms – Companies that typically purchase population health management programs such as Employers**, Union groups, TPAs or those that invest in Population Health Management companies such as Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors, Investment Banks
  • Provider Groups — Includes organizations such as integrated delivery networks, patient centered medical homes Accountable Care Organizations, health systems (hospitals), IPAs and medical group practices
  • Other Non-Profits — Regional non-profit health plans, non-profit association and quality organizations, and community organizations

** Non health care related employers only

Tiered dues are assessed at the greater of annual revenue of the parent company, the population health management company, or health plan