Top of The Hill Banquet & Conference Center
Washington, DC

October 11, 2018


7:00am to 7:30am


7:30am to 8:30am

Welcome Address: Leading at the Intersection of Innovation and Policy


Rose Maljanian

  • CEO, HealthCAWS
  • Chair, PHA
  • (Confirmed)

Tom Scully

  • General Partner, Welsh
  • Carson, Anderson & Stowe
    Former CMS Administrator
  • (Confirmed)

8:00am to 8:45am

Keynote Address: Healthy 2030 Metrics and Population Health


Dushanka Kleinman, DDS, MScD

  • Associate Dean, UMD School of Public Health
  • and Co-Chair, Health 2030 Metrics
  • (Invited)

8:45am to 9:45am

Panel: Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic affects all facets of American life and creates special challenges for population health. This panel will explore innovative approaches for awareness, screening, prevention, treatment, and recovery focusing on peer-support, digital solutions, cross sector collaboration, innovative financing and place-based solutions
from the perspective of impacted people, payers, providers, policymakers, innovators and employers.


Andrey Ostrovsky, MD

  • President, Concerted Care
  • Group; former Chief Medical
  • Officer, CMS
  • (Confirmed)

Kathe Fox

  • Head of Informatics, Aetna
  • (Invited)

Jaan Sidorov, MD

  • Chief Executive Officer, Care
  • Centered Collaborative
  • (Confirmed)

9:45am to 10:00am

Networking Break

10:00am to 11:00am

Panel: Social Factors Affecting Health Outcomes

Social determinants directly affect patient health issues and outcomes. Our panel will provide an overview of key issues, including challenges unique to low-wage workers, key factors for health care providers, and the consequences of federal spending decisions on medical versus social programs.


Mary Jane Osmick, MD

  • Vice President & Medical
  • Director, American Specialty
  • Health
  • (Confirmed)

Bruce Sherman, MD

  • Medical Director, Population
  • Health Management, Buck
  • Consultants
  • (Confirmed)

Ron Manderscheid, PhD

  • Executive Director, National
  • Association of County
  • Behavioral Health and
  • Developmental Disability
  • Directors
  • (Confirmed)

Anthony Akosa, MD, MBA

  • System Medical Director,
  • Franciscan Health Alliance
  • (Invited)

11:00am to Noon

Panel: Innovative Solutions for Population Health

Innovations help lead the way forward. In this session, we look at some of the forces shaping innovation in population health, including the impact of policies and the political landscape, and innovative approaches to benefit management, such as those addressing stress and building resilience.


Paul Keckley, PhD

  • Principal, The Keckley Group
  • (Invited)

Beth Galetti

  • Senior Vice President, Human
  • Resources, Amazon
  • (Invited)

Kyu Rhee, MD

  • Chief Health Officer, IBM
  • Watson Health Unit
  • (Invited)

Jay Desai

  • Founder & CEO
  • PatientPing
  • Former member, CMS
  • Innovation Team
  • (Confirmed)

Noon to 1:30pm

Lunch/Keynote Address Federal and State Policy Initiatives and Population Health


The Hon. Justin Fairfax

  • Lieutenant Governor,
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • (Invited)

Ann Marie Polak

  • Senior Director
  • Leavitt Partners
  • (Confirmed)

1:30pm to 2:45pm

Panel: Improving Public Health: Do we push or pull for increased participation?

Do we achieve better health outcomes by pulling people into healthy behaviors, or by pushing them? What does the latest research indicate, and what are the implications for population and public health policies? This session delves into these and other questions key to the future of population health and public health policy, in a wide-ranging interactive discussion among leading experts in the field.


Dan Buettner

  • Founder, Blue Zones
  • (Invited)

Ray Fabius, MD

  • Co-Founder and President,
  • HealthNEXT
  • (Confirmed)

2:45 to 3:00

Closing Remarks

Rose Maljanian

  • CEO, HealthCAWS
  • Chair, PHA
  • (Confirmed)

*Please note that this Program is current as of June 2018 and is subject to change. PHA will update the Program regularly.