Media Credentials

The Care Continuum Alliance provides the working press with complimentary access to all educational programming, networking events and other activities at its annual meetings.

How to get Media Credentials

To request media credentials for the CCA Forum 2013, please contact:

Isabel M. Estrada-Portales
Director, Communications

Media Contact

Media representatives and exhibitors and sponsors with media-related questions may contact CCA at (202) 737-5980 or

Media Credentialing Policies


The Care Continuum Alliance will issue media credentials only to members of the working press, which it defines as a paid employee or freelance representative of a known and established print or electronic media outlet. Recipients of CCA Forum 2013 media credentials must be on assignment for a specific outlet and must document this with a letter of assignment on that organization's letterhead.

Credential Usage

Upon arriving at CCA Forum 2013, credentialed media must visit the Registration Desk to receive a name badge and attached media ribbon. The badge and ribbon, which constitute credentials, must be worn at all times. Only the media member who applied for credentials may receive the badge and ribbon at CCA Forum 2013; any change in the outlet's assigned representative must be made before the start of the meeting or at the Registration Desk. Credentials may not be given or loaned to another person for any reason. Credentialed media will receive free admission to all education, networking and other activities at CCA Forum 2013.

Misuse of Care Continuum Alliance media credentials will result in immediate loss of credentials, removal from the event and possible loss of credential privileges for future Care Continuum Alliance events for the individual and represented media outlet.

Interview Policy

The Care Continuum Alliance will provide opportunities for credentialed media to interview individuals at CCA Forum 2013 upon request. Please direct interview requests to (202) 737-5980 or


All still and moving images captured at CCA Forum 2013 are to be used only for the media outlet for which the photographer is credentialed. Photographers must comply with the same credentialing procedures and restrictions as apply to all other members of the working press.